Oh Boy Artifacts
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When it finally works, so that you step back and let your shoulders fall and you breathe, look—look how you made something just right.

Utility, in the true sense of the word, is stunning in its simplicity and refinement. When you need a notebook, we have a notebook. It's a very good notebook, and not entirely what you might expect. Ours are 132 pages of exceptionally opaque, extrathick, quality vellum, in a 9.25 × 7.25 format (a size that nests perfectly with an iPad). Artifacts' 80 lb text weight (120 gsm) pages are 50 percent heavier than Leuchtturm’s 21 lb bond and 71 percent heavier than Moleskine’s 19 lb bond. Also unique to Artifacts is that its books are made in the US. Our pages are of 100 percent recycled (30 percent post-consumer waste), FSC™ certified stock.

We hold to an exacting technique for rendering patterns; each is an exercise in forbearance. The inks are transparent and overlap to make new colors (most prominently in the plaids). We spent days switching out palates before arriving at a solution, and then we second-guessed ourselves and gave the process another round; the result was superior.

What we want to impress upon you is that what is simple and obvious was intensely laborious, and then came the moments when we quietly stepped back and said, look.

Yet, for all the gratification behind each effort, your participation is what allows us to share it. You can help make lives easier, more organized, better peoples' health, enhance their moods, encourage them to lay on the grass in a park and get lost in a narrative; we believe in ideals and we're sticking to our story.


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