Pocket Book in Sable and Butofléoge

Pocket Book in Sable and Butofléoge


One-hundred and twenty 3.625 × 5.5 inch (9.2 × 14 cm), blank, 70 lb text weight (104 gsm) remarkably opaque, radiant white, slightly toothy vellum pages; thread-sewn, lay-flat binding; softcover bonded leather cover; 0.5-inch, 360-degree elastic band that likes to hold hands when it's not holding pages

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We regret that Artifacts will not come to market. After much poking and prodding of various manufacturers, we have discovered that the cost of producing a notebook of this caliber is simply not economically viable in the US and we are disinclined to print the product overseas. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.


SIZE   3.625 × 5.5 × 0.5 inches (9.2 × 14 × 1.25 cm); 120 pages

COVER   Softcover; Coffee- or Sable-colored bonded leather backed by full-color end sheets

TEXT   70 lb text weight (104 gsm) premium grade vellum

FINISHING   Perforate parallel to the gutter and at 45 degrees at the outside upper corner (or ear); die-cut 0.25-inch (1 cm) radius at unbound corners

BINDING   Lay-flat, Smythe-sewn (thread-bound)

Artifacts’ 70 lb text weight (104 gsm) exceptionally opaque, archival, vellum pages are 29.5 percent heavier than Leuchtturm's 21 lb (80 gsm) bond and 48 percent heavier than Moleskine's 19 lb (70 gsm) bond; no feathering or show-through in most cases; remove pages cleanly along perforation at the gutter, perforated ear detaches to mark your place or as many places as you choose; 0.5-inch, 360-degree elastic band (like other elastic closures, ours helps keep pages from crimping when you pocket the book; unlike others it fully wraps the book so it grips your hand), slip your hand up to your knuckles beneath the strap in between the exposed stitching on the back—your palm is the perfect writing surface for quick notes and ideas that spring up when you're on the run; rounded corners prevent dog-eared pages and pokes; stain-resistant, moisture-repellant, bonded leather cover wipes clean with a damp cloth.

100 percent recycled (30 percent post-consumer waste), FSC™ certified. Made in the USA.