Notebook in Ludlow Plaid

Notebook in Ludlow Plaid


One-hundred and thirty-two thick and slightly toothy vellum pages of premium grade archival stock; 360-degree lay-flat, stain-resistant, moisture-repellant hardboard covers; polished stainless steel Wire-O binding; Artifacts’ Follow system lets you record information from multiple sources as delivered and in a single notebook and read back non-consecutive entries as one uninterrupted narrative, make critical information often lost at the micro level easily accessible by the same stroke, without changing the way you take notes

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Also note that we are sharing designs with you while they are in development and that all functionality and specifications, including formats, patterns, and prices are subject to change during the design development process. We are happy to share our progress with you, and although we are close to completion, there is still work to do. Life is so uncertain.


SIZE   9.25 × 7.25 × 0.5 inches (23.5 × 18.5 × 1.25 cm); 132 lightly ruled pages; including catalog; summary pages and tags

COVER   0.5 mm matte coated radiant white 80 lb text weight (120 gsm) vellum laminated to 1.4 mm solid-core white board; inside covers include conversions, measure and commonly misspelled words

TEXT   Extrathick radiant white 80 lb text weight (120 gsm) premium grade vellum

FINISHING   Perforated ear detaches to mark your place or as many places as you choose, die-cut 0.25-inch (1 cm) radius, all four corners

BINDING   360-degree, lay-flat, polished stainless steel twin-loop Wire-O

Artifacts’ 80 lb text weight (120 gsm) exceptionally opaque vellum pages are 50 percent heavier than Leuchtturm’s 21 lb bond (80 gsm) and 71 percent heavier than Moleskine’s 19 lb bond (70 gsm); no feathering or show-through in most cases; grid sheets as needed, ruled pages are tick-marked top and bottom; heavy hardboard covers provide a portable, sturdy writing surface; four rounded corners prevent dog-eared pages and pokes; concealed Wire-O tips won't catch or cut.

100 percent recycled (30 percent post-consumer waste), FSC™ certified. Made in the USA.