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Things are not as they seem. This is not yet a store again, but all things in time.

This is a Kickstarter, and this site is evidence of our past successes and our readiness to make notebooks and journals for like-minded others who hold design to a higher standard, those who believe in the ideal, who are not so different when their feet are on the ground as when their heads peek above the clouds. We're here to provide you with an exceptionally crafted product. We're here to help good people advance literacy among disadvantaged youths. We're here to kick up some dust and maybe stir some souls.


Langston Hughes famously wrote: They give to beauty here / The same as everywhere / Adulation, but no care. 

There is a certain beauty evident in a thing by the measure of care people invest in it. It’s a simple if/then equation: if we care enough about what we make, if we go all in, put the whole of our capacity into the way we consider an object—the way it catches the light, the grain of its surface, its purpose and its potential—then others too will take notice. The consideration we give to a simple thing like a notebook is evidence of the care that we pass along. 

We are part of an awakening. We prick up our ears at the sound of mail slipping through the slot. A brooding young man writes in verse in a notebook on a park lawn. A woman in the shade of a dogwood composes a letter. The ground is shifting. More people are trying to take better care. We are trying to craft our lives in ways that allow us to recognize beauty and smile more often. 

We're in this for the grins.



Accolades (50 Awards)

National ADDY Silver Award winner; Regional ADDY Best in Show and Gold Certificate of Excellence winner; Local ADDY Silver Award winner; HOW’s International Design competition Outstanding Achievement Award winner; Mohawk Show 4 Best in Show winner; New York International Gift Fair Best in Show winner; One Show Silver Award winner; Print’s Regional Design Competition Best in Show winner; Step’s Year’s Best Design winner; Top Drawer Exhibition [UK] Best in Show winner; 36th Annual West Coast Show Silver Award winner . . .

Articles (50 Titles)

Azure, the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Dwell, Elle Decoration [UK], Graphis, Hamptons, Homes & Gardens [UK], Lucky, Martha Stewart Living, New York,, Real Simple, the San Francisco ChronicleTime Out New York, Wallpaper* . . .